Rosa Cooking

Quick detox breakfast

Prepare oatmeal, flax, chia seeds and ground ginger for breakfast and enjoy a nice start to the day.

Preparation steps

  • Mix oatmeal, flax, chia seeds and ground ginger. Add sliced ​​cucumber, banana and spinach.


Mix everything well and serve.


Prepare the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately in the evening, and in the morning just mix and blend them to make breakfast faster and easier to prepare and not to skip it.


bananas detox healthy food spinach

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Banana cocktail

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Carbonara with spinach

Serve warm spaghetti with cream cheese sprinkled with crispy bacon and enjoy a fine summer dish.

Cream soup with vegetables

The practical need to adapt the soup to the vegetable garden and the market created a vegetable cream soup, which will be stamped with seasonal vegetables. This soup will be new every time, different, but always delicious.

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Dumplings of greens

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Grisolino fruit puree

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Spinach soup with pine nuts

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