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Gluten-free Međimurje gibanica ♥

of course with GF gluten-free flour crusts and gluten-free ingredients .. This is our son's cake No. 1, so I made it ..for him and the guests ... They were delighted ... So then I write down the recipe even though I have it here written Međimurje and with ordinary flour. Of course, strictly take care that the foods are gluten-free (the product should have GlutenFree or crossed class) for those who have a diagnosis of celiac disease.

Preparation steps

  • Put flour Schar Mix B 300 gr + 200 gr rice flour if you have. (With rice flour it is better for me and if you don't have it you can only Mix B) in a bowl, make a hole in the middle, add 1 teaspoon of salt, we can add 1 egg, but I make egg yolk. But I just add egg whites and a small teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is really great for rolling with a rolling pin (rolling pin). In lukewarm not hot water approx. 3.5-4 dcl add 6 tablespoons of oil put a few drops of vinegar) hollow in the middle and add salt, oil, egg, and knead the dough gradually adding water with a mixture of oil and vinegar and gradually add water. how to glue the dough is best to use el. mixer with spiral extensions because the dough is very sticky for the hands .. When the dough is nicely made and we see that it separates from the walls of the bowl. It is important NOT to knead with a mixer for too long..then I put it on the prepared dish (I use a tablecloth and then a rubber base on it, the dough works nicely and I don't need to sprinkle flour but if you feel it you want to wipe it a little). with my hands as with ordinary drawn strudel dough..I break it a little with my hand on the base so that I can beat it a couple of times like that.I roll it out with a roller on the base and you can put greaseproof baking paper on top and roll it out even easier..and it's easier to transfer the dough to I put 98 dag of dough on the scale, so it's 7 balls of about 14 grams, each two for the bottom and two for the upper surface of the oszale 4 for folding between the fillings. I leave the dough to rest for half a hundred , I put it on a plate, cover it with a bowl as in the picture or, cover it with a clean kitchen cloth and leave it at room temperature to rest while we make the fillet. I didn't split the ball in half and rolled it in two halves and arranged it in a walnut filling, then transferred it to the other half and put the apple filling in it (because when it's arranged, pour the topping over it and bake it. .I am writing this so as not to be discouraged ..
  • While the dough is resting, I make the fillet, ie the filling. The method of making the fillet is as in this recipe, just make sure that the ingredients are Gluten Free ♥ POPPY FILLING: I add all the listed ingredients with powdered milk and mix the ingredients. Let it cool Poppy is the safest of Kresto is declared and writes Gluten Free while Saffron is not safe is fenced ♥ CHEESE FILLET stir add beaten egg add 2 egg yolks ... and the rest ... WALNUT FILLET also pofurim add all ingredients mix and put with sides ♥ APPLE FILLING: peel and grate on a grater add cinnamon sugar vanilla ... juice not squeeze. ♥ TOFET for MEĐIMURKA: I mix 2 creams and 1 dcl of sweet cream and 1-2 egg yolks with this topping over the finished Međimurje. Fills..that is, the fillings I make are just GF ingredients as in this recipe. and I always add a little more walnut cheese apple in the filling .. and as mine do not like poppy then half on the first peel I put poppy seeds and half walnuts and then the peel of cheese. peel, walnuts (so more walnuts about 500 gr spend for 1.5 rows of apples about 1kg, ie 6 large apples when I was making this Međimurje, I spread butter on a baking sheet on greaseproof paper and put two thin crusts that I rolled out, they are quite thin but not as transparent as an odor of gluten plain flour. then I peel the crust a little with a fork, then the cheese filling, I peel the peel again and then the walnut filling, the crust (mine was in two parts, so I don't squeeze the apple filling because the juice gives juiciness). and sweet and egg yolk I use Fog or someone of course Gluten Free. here see in the picture.Pour the mixture fillet or topping and when it is baked you can't see it ♥ here are the pictures, sprinkle with small pieces of butter and bake at 200 ° C then reduce to 180 ° C and when it gets colored cover it a bit with foil so it doesn't burn .. mine is a little resh baked but fine saftna ... and it's nice to cut
  • Of all the ingredients from the cream, we make sure that the ingredients for the filling are Gluten free, we make sure that they do not contain traces of gluten, as well as contamination during preparation. that the purchased product says Gluten Free. ie they have a crossed class ..
  • Međimurska with lower crust because some who don't like poppy seeds, so I put poppy seeds on half of the lower crust and half of walnuts, then a thin hand-made crust, then cheese, then crust, then walnut crust ... sweet cream ... and I put a little small pieces of butter .. PICTURE SEE half gibanica with poppy seeds half with walnuts cheese walnuts apples. (250 g 500 g walnuts, 800 g cheese, 10 apples (1.5 kg) 5 dcl mileram cream and 2 dcl sweet cream to pour) ♥


Međimurska gibamnica ♥ with plain flour containing gluten RECIPE ♥ ♪ ♫