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Gluten-free bread from grandmother Katica ♥

I will not write a big introduction or write this is the best gluten-free bread, but this is for now even for my mustache who does not like gluten-free bread is excellent..BreadGF is actually made according to the recipe / kruh-bake-katice / (you don't need a baker, a mixer or a robot .. just a pot and a wooden cooker that turns and can't move faster .. we just stir a few times it crumbles, it cuts nicely and the second day is great .. even the third day / saved a bit for rehearsal) .. So if any gluten-free person is satisfied I will be happy because everyone is very satisfied .. Here are two versions (ingredients for A Nutrifree - Mix per pane version mixed with seeds and B plain only with Schär Mix B Mix gluten-free flour

Preparation steps

  • ♥ A MIXED with seeds It is best to take a look at the ordinary recipe Grandma Katica's bread because it is extensively written in the procedures ... here you can see the procedure from the collage and I will write as short as possible. In the paddle, activate the dry yeast (sugar, a little flour and lukewarm water) when the foam is activated ... add to the bowl (plastic for me) Put all the ingredients (flour + tapioca 1 tablespoon (see ingredients), yeast oil and finally salt and seeds (for me sunflower and pumpkin) and mix a couple of times with a wooden spoon until the dough is combined.
  • Follow the pictures on the collage and go: 1. In a bowl with flour add with gf flour this time add buckwheat and flax flour (all bg) slowly lukewarm water be careful not to overheat (it is good to use lukewarm water and cooked pasta), but this the way I used lukewarm water. Mix with a wooden spoon several turns until combined into the bread mixture (Figure 2 step collage). Leave on a warm and covered cloth to rise .. after e.g. 30 min See collage fig no.3 ie step). So we can mix two or three times when it rises with me it was only once because I was in a hurry and if I was once again the dough would be more perforated Step 4: Deliver in an oiled rubber dish (for me dimensions (26x14 high 7 cm see on picture light blue rubberized rectangular dish) or on baking paper the contents of the dough and pour lukewarm water and cook dipped in water smooth, sprinkle with seeds and put exposed with warm to rise (I close the kitchen to no puff ..
  • When the dough has almost doubled in size, place it in a preheated oven and bake at 200 ° C for 50 minutes. Open the oven and after a few minutes take out the bread and place it crosswise on a baking sheet or rack to cool.
  • Today I worked only from Schär Mix B and I did not mix flour and neither added psylium ingredients nor just everything as in the recipe without seeds and these flours buckwheat flour per half kg of flour I needed 500 ml of water and while for the above mixed I needed on content of 500 g of flour (nutrifre flax and buckwheat 600 ml of water ... there is a catch that some flours absorb more water than some others ..
  • From this dough I left a piece of fresh yeast so I can try it instead of germ because that's how my grandmothers used to work and that's how I always baked Grandma Katica's bread, so in this recipe I'll add the date and ingredients and experiences step by step. and when it turns out well I like to share with you. I intentionally left a piece of bread and the third day is fine, it's not dry, it doesn't crumble, here are the pictures.
  • They say that gluten-free dough must be mixed with an electric mixer, but here I have proved to myself that I don't need a switch * or a robot * or a mixer. * .., Bread should be shaped with wet hands. but I just tossed it into the bread pan Place the baked bread on the rack to cool or across the pan Keep it in a rag. in a plastic bag or hermetically sealed container so that the bread does not dry out ...
  • ♥ B WHITE PLAIN Schär Mix B I added the B version with only one type of flour Yesterday I made it and today (January 30, 2019) I add pictures and ingredients for the ♥ B version with Schär Mix B Mix flour BG.
  • I did everything the same as in the A version mixed with flour and seeds and put 1 tablespoon of oil more and less water about 550 ml and in the A version 600 ml of water so do not pour all the water at the beginning do not add little by little while mixing with a wooden spoon because the flour is different behave when absorbing water, knead twice (once the dough has risen, turn the cooker a couple of times (2-3) and let the covered riser rise for about 30 minutes and mix again as the first time. for the next bread) and let it be discovered to rise for about 45 minutes and put it in a preheated oven, baked the same as in veruioji And all the same cooling..The bread does not crumble fresh delicious
  • Our gluten-free and everyone likes bread A with seeds more because they usually like darker breads and seeds, but this one is also great, at least they sent me a message last night because they always have to give me a comment after testing ...
  • Replenishment of the recipe ♥: The other day I made everything the same ingredients all the same I just made bread with Schär Mix B ♥ gluten-free flour The bread was tasty and didn't crumble the second day without crumbs and it's not dry with butter and chokeberry jam see picture ..


I added tapioca to the bread, but psyllium powder can be added, orgran is a substitute for gluten bamboo fiber, it all improves the structure of the dough, but this bread does not lack it. I did not add anything but only 1 tablespoon of tapioca.