Rosa Cooking

Giouvetsi (Juveci)

This is one of the most famous and simplest Greek dishes. It is best with lamb, but can also be made with chicken or beef.

Preparation steps

  • The best lamb is from cheaper parts (shoulder, ribs, etc.), with bones, cut into pieces. It can also be cooked with beef or chicken.
  • Put pieces of meat in a fireproof, and even better, earthenware dish, add salt, pepper, a little cinnamon, pour over the tomato, water and oil and cover. If you do not have a container with a lid, cover it well with aluminum foil.
  • Place in the oven to simmer slowly at 220 ° C, stir occasionally and, if necessary, add a little water, if it evaporates. Cook until the meat is completely soft and separates from the bones.
  • Boil the pasta in water for a short time (2 minutes), strain it and put it in an earthen bowl in which it is giouvetsi and return it to the oven without covering. Leave to simmer for another 3-4 minutes, take it out and sprinkle with grated cheese on top, which will immediately melt in half.
  • It can also be prepared and served from individual earthenware pots. I like it to be juicy and I always put a lot of water and tomatoes, if you prefer a drier dish, let the liquid evaporate.