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GIBA gibanica with cheese and milk

really fast, fine ....... I always make it for mezu, so it cools down and then it is cut into cubes, ... and it can be hot

Preparation steps

  • Prepare crusts for pies and strudels Make a mixture of mineral water, milk and other ingredients open, unroll the crust, .... then put the longer side towards you, fold enough so that the sheet covers the middle narrow protvan ... protvan first oil. Put another crust in the same way Now we put the mixture, stuffing with a spoon, .. about 6.7 tablespoons and spread over the whole crust., And above the cheese strips that we flatten with a spoon Put two crusts again, ... then the mixture again ... and so on until at the end of the last there is no cheese but the crust above the stuffing, the mixture and then with a knife, with a fork we prick the crust a little so that everything inside is absorbed Bake in the oven for about an hour or more. First at 180, and then strengthen until



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While fresh cow's cheese, sour milk and kajmak are no exception, this gibanica also hosts the rarely seen feta. Such gibanica is a real treat, and you can serve it as a perfect little snack with socializing.

Nena's sweet gibanica

Imagination is an important ingredient of every dessert that in a special way combines two traditional cakes, a cheese strudel and baklava, into a very modern and really tasty dessert with a nice look. Taste it, it melts in your mouth!

Prekomurska gibanica

Prekomurska gibanica

This real energy "bomb" says a lot about the imagination and richness of both food and culinary traditions. The color of several types of fillings will certainly be most pronounced on the holiday table.

Vegan gibanica

Vegan gibanica

In some parts, the crusts are folded into strudels, in others they are crumpled in a crumple, and we recommend a type of pie-gibanica with cheese, spinach and Vegeta.