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Chocolate Cake with Forest Fruit (and mayonnaise)

Basically, the recipe for this cake was also published in my previous cool life :) Then it was coated and filled with chocolate cream. This time I opted for the sour version :) Chocolate, fine, sweet & sour with that fruity and juicy surprise, although a bit unusual or even unimaginable for some - a very solid chocolate cake with mayonnaise for me :)

Preparation steps

  • Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C. Dissolve two teaspoons of instant coffee in a cup of warm water and leave to cool (250ml of water). Sift flour with baking powder; add sifted cocoa powder, sift baking powder and then add sugar. Mix the dry ingredients and add the yoghurt, iced coffee, mayonnaise, orange peel and vanilla. Mix everything nicely and shake into a mold that needs to be previously greased with butter and dusted with cocoa powder. Put the oven for about 20 minutes (it took me exactly 25 minutes, the oven has a fan). When the cake is done, just poke it a little in a few places and pour cherries over it (while it is still in the mold) - half of those 100 ml ... (and you can do everything), leave a little for the fruit sauce if you want :) Cool the fruit topping a bit too, then pour it over the tront and put it in the fridge, when everything cools down, spread icing, etc. The procedure for fruit topping and cream is not very important here, the emphasis is on the biscuit (no eggs, actually with eggs in mayonnaise).
  • For the fruit topping, you know yourself that you need to cook berries with sugar (I had frozen mixed and added a little fresh raspberries and strawberries), when everything boils add in water mixed density and finally a couple of tablespoons of jam and naraFski cube two dark chocolates. I snorted it like that, even though I wanted to do something else :) Mix the sweet cream, add the grated chocolate and stir and add a tablespoon of fruit sauce and mix lightly and spread it on the tront :) Here my intention was to make Havana cream from Neva- Neva but I didn't even have sour cream :( The second time I'll make it with sour cream even though it's quite sour all together from the berries :)
  • We liked it :)
  • It's up to you to try! :)
  • Give this different cake a chance :)


My changes to the “original” rcp are as follows;


blueberries cake coffee fasting interesting otherwise raspberries strawberries topping unusual vocna whipped cream

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