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Choco plasma

for those who like chocolate (are there any who don't like it?.?), it is not baked, without eggs and it is easy to make i .and quickly ,,, it is eaten !!!

Preparation steps

  • bring milk, sugar, margarine and chocolate to a boil, set aside and add ground biscuits and ground walnuts.
  • soak the biscuit in milk (about 20 pieces you need for one row), put half of the filling, then another row of biscuits, the other half of the filling and whipped cream on top.


coco petit unbaked walnuts

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Imaginative variants of sweet balls are an indispensable part of every celebration. Chocolate pralines hide the core of dried fruit and walnuts, they do not spoil quickly, so store the rest in a box and save it for "sweet days".