Rosa Cooking

Chili-vili cake

Simple and tasty

Preparation steps

  • 6 egg yolks and pudding cook in milk. when cool add margarine made with sugar add egg whites made with 6 tablespoons sugar add walnuts, jelly candies, bananas and petit biscuits all mix well, shape the cake. Put whipped cream on top and decorate as desired.



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Biscuit with cheese foam

Biscuit - the alpha and omega cakes of young chefs. It can be filled with anything and everything: jam, chocolate, salty and sweet fillings, including those made of cheese. A little secret: the taste is reminiscent of the famous American cheesecake!

Black and white parfait cake

This cake seems to be created for fans of black and white combinations. Prepare perfectly white parfaits from ricotta and cream, pour over a dark biscuit with almonds and finally decorate with melted dark and white chocolate.

Coconut pudding

The universal dessert pudding is a grateful and integral part of many creams, cakes and pies. Maybe because he is always in stock in the kitchen. Try it in the coconut edition, and give an unusual note by preparing it with soy milk.

Lošinj biscuits with olive oil

Lošinj biscuits with olive oil

When someone lives on a sun-drenched island, rich in olive trees, it is not at all unusual that they experience olive oil as inspiration for cakes as well. Other foods will make cookies, albeit simple, a real delicacy.

Milk braid

Milk braid

To prepare this fine braid, decide on Easter. If you wish, you can also decorate it with Easter eggs.

Nut cake

Juicy and soft cake, rich and full of flavor ... you will wish that the snow does not stop falling, that you are in the warmth of home with your loved ones and enjoy the flavors and aromas of the holidays all day long.

Plum strudel

Plum strudel

It is a real shame that fresh plums are so rarely seen in cakes! Take advantage of a summer trip to the countryside and stock up on this sweet, ripe fruit, make a stuffing full of spices and fold it into a real homemade strudel.