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Chicory or jujube liqueur

The season of čičimak will be coming soon, so for all fans of homemade liqueurs ...

Preparation steps

  • Put all the ingredients in a jar and leave in a cool place to stand for six months. Strain and pour into bottles.


I made liqueur last year, they say it is good for strengthening the body, try it!


liqueur zizule

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Chocolate balls with cherries

If you are deterred from preparing chocolate pralines by careful and long-lasting steaming, the chocolate mixture will be dissolved very effectively by the waves of the microwave! Here’s a recipe for balls with cherries and hazelnut crunch.

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Under the working title "after eight", gather your best friends and start making a surprise cake! While you wait for the result of your work to cool down, we suggest a slow tasting of mint liqueur.

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Although the Aztecs prepared a chocolate drink back in the 4th century, to this day there are countless cold and hot versions of it. Even this home made liqueur with its sweetness combined with rum does not lag behind others. The right lady's drink, but not exclusively.


Wine cream is especially popular in countries with a high wine culture. So the French have sabayon, the Italians zabaione, the Germans Weinschaumsauce, the Austrians Weinchaudeau, while in our country they call it chateau and shodo.

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Spicy chocolate drink

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Cream cakes are a favorite in a variety of flavors, and when you add chocolate, almonds and liqueur to a beautiful cream cube, it will be an unforgettable cube.