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Chicken with mushrooms and chestnut puree!

I read this recipe recently in one of our magazines. It seemed ambitious to me, however, it didn’t fit me in one or two things so I modified it. It turned out great and I am very pleased. Chicken or turkey stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and chestnut puree. Topped with mushroom and chestnut puree sauce! What is not darkness?

Preparation steps

  • cut the turkey fillet into equal parts, Beat it with a mallet to expand and evenly; prepare fillets for stuffing with stuffing
  • MUSHROOMS / CHESTNUT MASH - sauté the mushrooms in butter and when it is done, divide them into two piles - the smaller one is for filling the fillets, and the bigger one will be for the sauce you will pour over the stuffed fillets; so divide the chestnut puree - part of the chestnut puree is for filling the fillet, and part for the sauce
  • STUFFING - take the fillet and put some mushrooms mixed with chestnut puree and slices of mozzarella on it - close it and take the next fillet; arrange all the stuffed fillets in a refractory bowl previously greased with butter; # Bake all these fillets in the oven for 40 minutes; Cover for 20 minutes with aluminum foil, and then for about 20 minutes without aluminum foil
  • while it is baking in the oven, simmer the rest of the champignons and chestnuts together on the fire and pour over the cooking cream and white wine; when the wine evaporates - it's over!
  • serve the stuffed fillets, and before that pour over the mushroom and chestnut puree sauce; here’s what it looked like after I took it out of the oven


for beginners: you can fasten the fillets with ordinary toothpicks so that they don't fall apart, and you can also buy a roasting thread that you take out after the meat is cooked. I also have small metal constructions, like traps, for things like this, but it's more tangible for me to put than toothpicks or thread, hehe


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