Rosa Cooking

Chicken from a magic bag

Everyone claims that a baking bag works wonders. I said, I have to try. And it really works wonders!

Preparation steps

  • Peel a squash, grate it and slice it.
  • Season the chicken lightly.
  • Put everything in a bag and add spices.
  • Stir the bag to season everything evenly.
  • Tie with a hook, drill a couple of holes, put in a bowl and in the oven.
  • Bake for about 40 minutes at 180 ° C.



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A small burek with chicken

In addition to the classic offer of burek, made of cheese, apples or meat, chicken burek is lighter and healthier, but no less charming version with the addition of carrots, olive oil and mushrooms.

Chicken and macaroni salad

Chicken and macaroni salad

Al dente - pasta cooked so that it feels under the teeth, is an ideal way to prepare macaroni for salad. With cubes of boiled chicken, colorful vegetables and a creamy topping, this undemanding dish will satisfy even the hungriest!

Chicken meatballs with sesame

Chicken meatballs are prepared from minced chicken, garlic, pepper, spring onion and Vegeta. And today’s little secret is: if you add mineral water to a chicken mixture, the steaks will be looser.

Chicken with sesame

Chicken with sesame

Nutritionally valuable seeds, especially sesame, are increasingly used in modern cuisine. Chinese cuisine has known it for several thousand years, and elsewhere it is increasingly represented in savory and sweet dishes.

Chicken with stewed mushrooms

When the most common meat food and the most famous mushroom are combined with olive oil, prosecco and Natur liquid supplement, we can boast of the perfect chicken with stewed mushrooms.

Moroccan salad with cous-cous

Moroccan salad with cous-cous

This slightly spicy salad can be a whole meal because it contains pieces of chicken, cous-cous and fresh vegetables, and the final note is given by coarsely ground hazelnuts. We recommend it to everyone who likes a combination of different flavors.

Roast chicken with pasta in the way of my "Dede Lede" :))

I dedicate this recipe to my late grandfather who was the only one who knew how to make this properly! Grandma and I made it, be nice, but grandpa's hand is grandpa's hand! :)) Namely, as a child, this was my favorite grandfather's dish, I could go home from school from the first shift, frozen and hungry like a wolf, thinking how great it would be if my grandfather now baked his chicken with dough! And when I walked into the entrance of the building, the smell of roast chicken would spread all over the stairs, alas, then there was no happier child than me! :)))

Soup with Royal Mix

The secret of the royal impression is in the royal mix, a mixture of cauliflower, broccoli and baby carrots, which, along with chicken fillet and mashed tomatoes, offers royal delights. It doesn't matter what oil, salt or water you use.