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Chicken entrails juice

I didn’t find a similar recipe here unless I typed it well into a search engine, so here’s to sharing. My dear and our friends adore this dish and I often prepare it for them. GOOD APETITE !!!

Preparation steps

  • Clean the chicken liver and heart well from the fat that can be on them. Then cut them into pieces.
  • Do the same with the stomachs, but cut them a little thinner than the liver. (IT IS NECESSARY TO SEPARATE STOMACHES FROM LIVER AND HEART, PUT IN SPECIAL VESSELS)
  • Peel and prepare the red onion and garlic as desired. I personally like to put a little more red onion in this juice so that you get a density in the juice. These were pretty small heads. If they are large 2-3 is enough. I don't sauté the onion, I chop it with a stick mixer.
  • Add a little oil or fat to the pot, add chopped onion and let it simmer for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then first add the stomachs and cover with a little water and simmer for 15 minutes. Then the liver and heart are added and, if necessary, it is further submerged in water and simmered for about another 30 minutes. Add spices as desired.
  • Towards the end when it thickens add the mashed tomatoes, if necessary whisk a small teaspoon of flour (or thickener) with a little water and add to the sauce to make it thicker. Add more salt if necessary.


It goes great with mashed potatoes, porridge and pasta. Or maybe just with bread. Green salad goes well with that. GOOD APETITE.


chicken entrails heart liver saft sauces stomachs

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