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Chestnut parfait cake!

I am a big fan of chestnut desserts and this parfait cake really met all my expectations and more! The recipe is taken from a Croatian blog "Vali loves cakes"! I tried it, I was delighted and now I want to share my enthusiasm with you my dear !!!!

Preparation steps

  • For the biscuit, you will froth the butter and sugar, then add the egg yolks one by one!
  • Then mix in the melted and cooled chocolate, cocoa and vanilla sugar.
  • Add sifted flour with baking powder to the mixture. Lightly mix in the cream, milk and finally the egg whites.
  • Pour into a 20 cm diameter mold if you want the stake to be higher or 22 cm lower and bake for about 15-20 minutes at 180 *
  • While the dough is cooling, prepare the cream. Strain the cooked chestnuts and add powdered sugar, mix well. You can also use frozen chestnut puree, but then you do not need sugar.
  • Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the bag. Add the whipped sweet cream to the chestnuts. Mix it well and add the melted gelatin. Mix everything well with a spatula and pour the mixture onto the cooled biscuit.
  • Note: place the cooled biscuit on the tray on which you will serve the cake and place the hoop of the mold on it and then pour out the chestnut mixture!
  • Cool a bit, beat about 3.5 dl of sweet cream and decorate the cake, grate the chocolate on top! When the cake has cooled well, carefully remove the rim from the mold!


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