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Cherry puree 6+

Mild fruit purees are our favorite afternoon. We have tried this fruit now that it is the season, and regardless of the months and feeding calendars, now that we are 9 months old.

Preparation steps

  • Cook thick rice in milk or water, add a little vanilla sugar.
  • Chop the rice and leave to cool.
  • Peel the cherries and mash them.
  • Mix cherries with rice, add a tablespoon of yogurt (optional).


Fresh, chilled as a cold dessert.


piggy banks

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Cooked fish with potatoes and peas

It grows better than fish, and potatoes and peas are all-adored foods by young children anyway. Their combination is irresistible and guarantees the success of poached fish with potatoes and peas.

Frutolino with grated apple

After the age of six months, babies expand their menu and get used to a new way of eating. Raw fruit is a good choice for dessert, and if you want to make a complete fruit meal, mix finely grated apples with Lino Frutolino flakes.

Oatmeal with apples

Oatmeal with apples proves how delicious and healthy a dessert can be. The dish is accompanied by an excellent aromatic maple syrup, but also ground hazelnuts. Gourmets enough.

Pear with flakes

You can introduce pear with flakes in the baby's diet after the 17th week of life. At the beginning, always add the milk that the baby normally drinks to the baby porridge, and always offer the meal freshly prepared.

Porridge with carrots, rice and chicken

A real little whole meal! This porridge contains carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, it is easily digestible and delicious. Make two meals from the prepared mixture: serve one immediately to the child, and you can freeze the other and save it for another day.

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Risolino, apples, raisins, almonds… What a treat! And don't try to blackmail a child with this delicacy - you could find yourself on your knees in front of them by evening: “Can I get more? Pliiiz…! ”

Steamed chicken with apple

Developing a small gourmet with a refined taste, bold and prone to experimenting with food is a demanding project. Maybe not if you start with unusual combinations early enough. Let's say an apple and a chicken.