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I don't have to tell you how healthy cherries are because we all know that very well, but you can read in this recipe how to leave it for the winter without retaining all its valuable ingredients and aroma without the addition of preservatives and water. With this juice, our mom always started the winter season and in our crazy, puberty years when we didn't want to drink homemade juice, while others drank the cool ones, she always made a bottle to find the temperature. because in that case he was irreplaceable. I also follow this rule and recipe of this juice. I truly recommend it to you both as a medicine and as a pleasure.

Preparation steps

  • Clean the cherries from the leaves, stalks and rotten fruits, then wash them well and drain the excess water.
  • Transfer them to a container where they can stand for 24 hours (maybe a little less) and mash them well, so that the cherry flesh is completely separated from the bones. Add 3 sachets of lemon juice, stir, cover and leave in a cool place. I personally catch them a few more times while they are standing.
  • When they have stood long enough, strain the cherries through the sagebrush, press them with something so that as much meat and juice as possible comes out through the sagebrush. This is followed by another squeezing of this coarse juice, through a thick gauze or diaper, by spooning the accumulated sediment on the gauze so that the juice can pass. Occasionally wash the gauze to make the juice pass more easily. The cherry meat that remains in the gauze is served to me, with the addition of a couple of handfuls of whole halves of cherries for making jam.
  • Now measure the exact amount of juice in liters and add sugar and lemon juice to that measure. Make sure you already add one amount of lemon juice, so now just add the difference. Stir well and stir every 15 minutes until the sugar melts and blends with the juice. At one point, a slight foam starts to collect on the surface and you have to pick it all up. When the foam is gone, you win.
  • Now you can fill the bottles and tighten them well with zippers. It is very important that bottles and caps are clean, sterilized and cool. I put the well-washed bottles / which are only used for this juice / in a cold oven, turn it on at 110 c and when the thermostat turns off after a few minutes, I turn off the oven and leave the bottles in it until they cool down a bit. They are then cooled upside down at room temperature. I simply boil the bottle caps and dry them well. I always prepare the bottles the day before and fill them with sterilization.
  • Keep filled bottles in a dark and preferably cool place, basement or pantry.
  • When you want juice, open the bottle, make the juice to your measure and put the bottle in the refrigerator.
  • NOTE From 10 liters of squeezed cherry juice and added sugar, you will get 15 liters of syrup, so you know how many bottles you will need.


cherries juice syrups winter

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