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Cheesecake with blackberries and gluten free petit beurre biscuits

My family and I usually eat cakes with chocolate and nuts. This time I wanted to prepare something light and fruity for Easter and the choice fell on the cheesecake. You won't believe it, this is the second cheese I've ever made. Counting on a gluten-free diet, the biscuit base had to be gluten free. It was first made from hazelnuts and coconut flour according to an original recipe taken from one of the groups about the lchf diet on facebook, and now I have used my recipe for gluten-free petit beurre biscuits.

Preparation steps

  • Mix ground biscuits, room temperature butter and two full tablespoons of coconut flour (coconut crumbs). Press with your fingers into the cookie cutter with the removable sides. Refrigerate to firm.
  • Whisk the cheese, mileram, sugar, lemon zest or lemon juice and vanilla with a mixer until creamy.
  • Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions from the bag and add it to the heated sweet sour cream (just to heat and cool, never to boil). Mix with a wire and add to the mixture of cheese and milera. Don't be afraid that the mixture will be quite liquid, it will all solidify in the fridge. Pour the cream cheese over the biscuit base and leave in the fridge to cool for 3 hours.
  • Put blackberries in a pot with wine and three spoons of sugar. Let them thaw, if they are from the freezer. Heat the fruit and wine to boiling to evaporate the alcohol and melt the sugar. Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions from the bag and pour it into the fruit, stirring with a wire to unite everything nicely. Allow to cool to room temperature. I did this in the last hour of cooling the cheesecake in the fridge.
  • Spread the fruit evenly over the cream and pour over the juice. Leave in the fridge to cool, preferably overnight.
  • The next day take off the mold pages and enjoy your gluten free homemade cheesecake with blackberries. I separated the edges of the cake with a thin knife, you can grease the side of the mold with butter and stick baking paper.
  • Pleasant!
  • Note: For the Lchf version of the cake, make the base from -200g of roasted, ground hazelnuts -2 flat spoons of coconut flour -100g of room temperature butter -1 flat spoon of baking powder Mix the mixture by hand blush. Cool and continue to work according to the above instructions for cream and fruit topping with a sweetener adapted to the lchf diet (erythritol and stevia mixtures are best).