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Cheese pads

Raised dough combined with fresh cheese filling, from the recipe book Cakes your pride. I have had this booklet for a very long time, it is my mother's, she won it in a prize game. And those pillows have always intrigued me, but they haven’t been tried, there was no choice but to “roll up your sleeves” and dip your fingers in the flour. I dedicate them to my dear mother who taught me to make "sourdough" or leavened dough and much more. As a dear person would say to me, "Look at those outcasts ...", my linden world, greetings from the alleys and from the courtyard.

Preparation steps

  • Knead the leavened dough from the given ingredients by first sifting the flour into a suitable bowl. Add sugar to the milk, heat, but not too much because the yeast will not activate, add the yeast and leave on warm to rise. Add the other ingredients, eggs, melted butter, lemon zest and knead the dough. I work for you by hand, you can also use a mixer if you want, but let me tell you "until you beat it well with your hand and mix none of it". Cover it and leave it to rise in the heat.
  • Then transfer the risen dough to a board and roll out to 1/2 cm thick, cut into squares 12 × 12 cm. In the middle of each put the stuffing you make this way:
  • First mix the butter with the sugar and vanilla, add the egg yolk, mashed cheese, sour cream and raisins.
  • Gather the tops of the squares in the middle. Now place the pads on greased baking sheet or baking paper. Let rise a little more, coat with beaten egg and bake at 180 degrees for about 40-45 minutes.
  • And they are ready for baking ....
  • Ready to serve, finally ....
  • Collage
  • Ready to serve



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