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Chaos pie

The pie was created with current inspiration ... The ingredients are more or less standard for the pie, but the layout and the way of stacking is unusual ... And it got its name while I was preparing it - I thought: "This is going to be chaos ... just to we see whether in a positive or in a negative sense ... ":) Luckily this was the first :) We got a delicious and super soft pie ...

Preparation steps

  • Lightly oil a round baking tin with a diameter of 26 cm, then place two pie crusts in it so that the ends hang outside, as in the picture. Divide the remaining crusts into 3 approximately equal parts.
  • Mix all the topping ingredients. Crumple the first third of the crust and arrange in a pan, then sprinkle with a third of the topping. Sprinkle half the amount of grated cheese over it.
  • Cut the bread into thin slices (1cm). Whisk the egg with the milk and spices, then dip the slices of bread on both sides and arrange them in the pan over the cheese, to cover almost the entire surface. The bread does not have to be too soaked, it is enough to be soft after baking. Coarsely grate the cheese over the bread.
  • Arrange the other part of the crust over the cheese, this time crumpled and sprinkled with the topping, then crumble the remaining cheese. Then arrange the last, third part of the crust in the same way and pour over the dressing. Finally, close the pie with crusts that hang out of the mold.
  • Cover with foil or baking paper and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. At the end, remove the foil so that the pie is nicely baked on top.




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