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Cervelle de Kanut with French sour cream on a milk cake in the Hokkaido way.

Enjoy with friends, and please share this nana recipe when she was in France for 74 years in January or August I will compose you. Then she choked on this recipe in the middle of Stockholm when she had just arrived by bus from Matuzic with the Prosic company. I tried to make it, it’s the first league! Fantastically!

Preparation steps

  • Satsojci: A can of Normandy sour cream - Half a can of 1 large frozen Gluten-free Brocnica and maybe with gluten, anyway. Baba ghanoush from a can - 122 grams of Sour water with a can (SPA RED or Kiseljak) or other water with a can - 330ML White Stilton Gold (Donkey cheese) - 50 grams of Turkish Halal Sausages from a can, or can pork just be full of meat - 3 Powdered milk mixed with cold tap water, but can also be mixed with sour water with powdered juice. 2 wooden toothpicks from 6 to 12 cm in height. Instructions: 1. Defrost the frozen broccoli in a mini oven at 400 watts +/- 45-55 minutes or in natural heat for 6-8 hours 2. Stir in the sour cream with acidic water and add extra pepper if you wish (But you don't have to do either ) 3. Stir the powdered milk with ice water from the tap (NO REASONS, VERY IMPORTANT !!!) 4. Make the whipped cream and milk. And stir it for another 10-15 minutes, then add 2 ostrich eggs and 1/3 teaspoon of Himalayan salt. 5. Take the sausages out of the can and separate them on a small plate at room temperature (Maximum nineteen degrees) 6. Add the water from the can and add to the whipped cream with the milk, and stir for the last 5-7 minutes (But you don't have to stir if you don't have an electric mixer) 7. Cut the broccoli into 2 pieces, and dip it in the whipped cream 8. Separate the cheese from the donkey in the fridge, let it stand for 24/48 hours, the longer the better. (But if you don't have a fridge then you can eat it right away, it's a shame to throw it away. 9. After 2-4 days, when everything hardens and you feel a little acid. When the broccoli crusts get wet, then coat 2 thin layers with mayonnaise. black truffle (But it can also be with mustard) 10. Enjoy! Enjoy with friends, and please share this nana recipe when she was in France for 74 years in January or August I will agree with you. arrived by bus from Matuzic with the company Prosic.


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