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Celery omelette

In the time of Homer, he was a symbol of beauty and joy. The French praised him with the saying "You should not be afraid of the arduous journey to Rome because of - love and celery", and in our people there is a saying "Whoever has feller in his heart, must always eat celery"

Preparation steps

  • Peel a celery and chop it into smaller crescents, chop the hot pepper as well and put it in the same bowl as the celery, chop the garlic but leave it separately.
  • Put finely chopped bacon in a deeper Teflon pan and fry, do not add any fat, it will be enough bacon. When the bacon is fried, if you have too much fat, pour it off and leave only a little, half a spoon is enough. Add garlic and fry only until it starts to smell, add chopped celery and hot pepper and fry for just a minute, because we want it to stay crispy. Pour over the eggs, which you have beaten with a wire, add salt and pepper to taste and fry on it by moving the eggs with a food processor so that where it is liquid it reaches the bottom.
  • Carefully, with a spatula, fold in half, if desired, you can add a little grated cheese before covering and let the inside fry a little more.
  • Serve with feta cheese, tomato and homemade bread and enjoy all together
  • Pleasant !!!!


The idea is from the magazine "Zelena Kuhinja" and I made it the way we like, ie I added bacon and hot peppers, otherwise the original recipe is just eggs, celery and garlic and a little sunflower oil. Here I wrote more about celery and its healing effects.