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Cauliflower and chickpea burgers

She saw it on TV from Rachel Khoo, and was delighted with the taste

Preparation steps

  • Cook the cauliflower in water, steam or microwave as you please. Cook the beans or chickpeas as well, and you can also add the one from the can, I tried all the variants and everything suits me (I only rinse this one from the can very well so that it doesn't smell). Mash with a fork. Finely chop the onion and garlic and grate the cheese (gouda or similar), add breadcrumbs or oatmeal or bran and egg and season the mixture. Let the mixture stand for at least half an hour (I know how to leave it overnight). Make balls that you form into burgers and roll them in a mixture of bread crumbs and sesame seeds. Bake in a frying pan in oil (be careful because they are softer than meat) or in the oven on paper. When I put them in the oven, I spray them with oil to make them tastier ;-)
  • Serve in burgers for pastries with tomato and mayonnaise sauce and some salads or as you wish ..... burgers are wonderful, to me even better than meat


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