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Chocolate cups

Of course, this is not my idea, as you know, the first minion made chocolate cakes, and then the brunette84 made chocolate cups. Thanks to both for the wonderful idea for this dessert. I wrote this explanation because of a friend who was interested in how I made them, so when it's already there, maybe here it will serve someone :))

Dessert in chocolate cups

This was a surprise for my dear Valentine's Day, but of course it didn't wait for the morning… ..A delicious dessert that you can eat down to the last detail… ..And in any case very simple, it only takes a little time and patience… ...

Ice bowl with fruit

A simple, beautiful, decorative ice "dish" will keep the freshness of a fruit salad or ice cream longer than usual. The second good side is that it does not need to be washed and the third, you can use the same bowl more than once!


Only for true chocolate lovers….