Rosa Cooking

Carrot Potatoes-Vega Fasiranci-Roasted Vegetables

Lunch for everyone: grated potatoes with carrots, roasted beets and peppers and veggie packs (carrots-pumpkins-chard-with spices). this is lunch so everyone chooses a side dish with the veggie fascinators they love. popecke tj fasirance I bake almost every day because my father adores them. with all that of course a salad.

Preparation steps

  • Grate the potatoes and carrots and cook the potatoes and carrots. when cooked. fry the garlic in oil, add the carrot, potato, parsley leaf and spices and bake everything. Cook roasted beets and beets, then fry the cooked beets in a pan and fry everything a little until the beets and peppers are browned. Vega Fasiranci (carrot-chard-pumpkin) grate the pumpkin, add the pumpkin to the bowl, boiled carrots and chard and spices (pepper vegeta, parsley garlic) and add the wholemeal flour. shape the fritters and bake them in a pan


serve with salad.