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Caribbean strawberry cake

..olitiga pirate charlotte, and the ingredients will tell you why. This is a cake that has been in the top list of favorite and most sought-after cakes for festive occasions for years. A beautiful cake is always nice to see, but the taste surpasses the look. Creamy and juicy but firm enough to cut into fine slices without difficulty. What else to say ..?! There are a lot of details on it that require time and patience, but for a lover of a good cake, every moment invested in this delicacy pays off.

Preparation steps

  • First you make a decoration for the biscuit. The great thing about this decoration is that you follow the egg white. So you weigh the egg whites and then add the same amount of melted butter, powdered sugar and flour. Stir with a whisk to avoid lumps. Mix the aroma or color, if there is a whole spoonful of liquid, then you have to add a little more starch flour (so that it is not conductive). Put in a sandwich bag and with scissors cut the top into a small hole. Using a pink mixture, spread the patterns on the baking paper that you put on a large baking tray. Note: you can draw baking paper with a pencil. Turn the paper to the other side (so that the pencil does not stay on the dough), and then fold the decoration according to the drawn pattern. ..Let the sare from Dinemakarska or Alek inspire you. Place the baking tray with the decoration in the freezer to allow the sare to harden.
  • The second step is the biscuit. Turn the oven to 200 degrees. Melt the butter (without boiling). Beat the egg whites with half the sugar into a solid white batter until all the sugar has dissolved. In another bowl, mix the eggs with the rest of the sugar until the mixture is light and doubled. Slowly mix melted butter, coconut and turmeric flour into this 2-3 times. Finally, also slowly stir in the egg whites. Gently spread the biscuit over the frozen decoration. Don't worry about the patterns, they will stay exactly as you made them, they won't spill. Bake the biscuit for 8 - 12 minutes, depending on the size of the baking tray, i.e. the thickness of the biscuit i.e. oven strength. After 8 minutes be sure to check the dough, your underside should not darken to make the sare stand out nicely. Place the finished crust on a wire rack to cool slightly. Turn it over on the tray and slowly remove the baking paper. If your ends are darkened or if they are irregular, cut them with a knife.
  • The next step is to cut the biscuits. Take a 26cm hoop from the mold, and lean the walls against the biscuit. Cut strips of biscuit to line the walls. Take care that the height of the strips should be 1.5-2 cm down from the walls. You cut these strips right from that part of the biscuit where the patterns are most beautiful, because that part will be the outside of the cake. Place the strips, i.e. drive along the walls of the mold, with the sara on the outside. Now place the coated hoop on top of the rest of the biscuit and cut out the bottom crust to measure. Save the remains of the biscuit, use it for filling.
  • Strawberry Fill: I buy strawberries when they are in season, cook them until they are reduced by 1/3 with a little sugar (meaning I have 2/3 of the initial weight left), and freeze in weighed portions. So I always have a semi-finished cake factory ready. If you do not have this, take approx. 400 - 500 grams of frozen strawberries and cook with 2 tablespoons of sugar. From this set aside 350 grams for the cake. You can use the rest for cake icing or as desired (smoothies, ice cream topping, freeze, etc.). Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for about 10 minutes. Mix the mascarpone briefly on the lowest speed to make it creamy (excessive mixing breaks up its structure). Heat the strawberry puree and sugar until it boils. Remove from the heat and stir in the gelatin sheets while still hot. As soon as the gelatin melts, add 1/3 of the mascarpone and mix with a whisk (not a mixer, because you don’t want air bubbles in the filling). Then mix in the rest of the mascarpone and you get a delicious, compact cream. Pour the cream into the mold where you have already prepared the bottom and walls of the biscuit. Now take those leftover biscuits and dip them into the cream vertically (as much as possible because the cream is liquid). It doesn't have to be perfectly upright, it will look nice and interesting anyway when you cut the cake. Put in the freezer.
  • Caribbean mousse: Put gelatin in cold water to soften. Meanwhile, put the coconut milk, coconut flour, finely chopped mint, sugar, rum, juice and lime zest on the fire just to boil. Remove from the heat and while the fragrant liquid is still hot, stir in the gelatin. Set aside to cool. Mix the sweet cream to the consistency of firmer yogurt. If the icing is too firm it will not mix well into the cream and you will not get the texture of the mousse. Add this semi-icing to the lukewarm-cold mixture: first one-third, then the rest. Work gently and quickly, i.e. on a couple of occasions just to blend the mixture. Excessive mixing escapes the air and the mousse will not be 'fluffy' fluffy;) Pour the mousse over a layer of strawberries and put it back in the freezer.
  • Strawberry Cabbage: Allow the gelatin to swell in cold water. Make strawberry juice with syrup (or use if you have strawberries left over from the previous step). Heat half of this liquid to boiling, remove from the heat and while the liquid is still hot, stir in the gelatin. Now add the rest of the juice and rum. By this gradual addition of cold juice to the warm gelatin, you achieve that the mixture gels out quickly. This lukewarm jelly will be squeezed very quickly and evenly on the frozen cake.
  • -> The trick with this cake is to freeze each layer and put a new layer on it. This way you will get beautiful flat layers when you cut the cake. -. There is not too much gelatin and the parfait creams are not rubbery, and they are quite firm enough. I love cakes that can be cut perfectly, and this one is just like that. -> I like to make a cake for special occasions because it is a real delicacy. It is practical to make a couple of days earlier, then add one layer to the frozen one every night. If you are going to serve it in the evening, transfer it that morning from the freezer to the fridge. -> The cake can stand in the freezer for a month. -> I put turmeric in the dough because it has no pronounced taste, and gives the bark a cheerful yellowish color (no artificial colors). However, it is not necessary for the taste of the cake.


If you want a soft cake, defrost it at least 8 hours before serving in the refrigerator (or overnight). If you defrost it 4-6 hours before serving, you will get a fine semi-ice delicacy. I didn't list the ingredients for the decoration, indulge in your fat. You can also make the cake as a charlotte (picture below), the filling remains the same. Bon appetit!


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