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Caramel kuglof with apples and cinnamon ---- 300 recipe

Simple, juicy kuglof with apples and cinnamon topped with caramel topping ..... I recommend .............

Preparation steps

  • First peel the apples and cut them into cubes. Sprinkle with lemon juice, add brown sugar and cinnamon, mix everything and set aside.
  • Make a mixture for kuglof. Mix eggs, add sugar and vanilla sugar, mix. Add oil and mix into a fine mass and add all dry ingredients, flour mixed with baking powder, cinnamon and a little salt. Lightly combine everything with a wooden spoon, then on at the very end of the thick mixture, add the diced apples (drain the excess liquid), add the raisins, chopped walnuts and rum.
  • Prepare a kuglof mold, pour out the mixture and put it in a preheated oven to bake at 180 C for 50-60 minutes. Take the baked kuglof out of the oven and leave it to cool for about 10 minutes, then take it out on a tray.
  • And at the very end prepare the caramel. Melt the sugar over a low heat to get a fine golden brown color, (do not mix) lift from the heat and add the sweet cream, return to a low heat briefly, stir, remove from the heat, pour into a bowl from which will be served.I made caramel from half the mixture and topped with kuglof.Sprayed with chopped walnuts.




apples aromatic cake caramel cinnamon fragrant juicy kuglofi

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