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Caramel biscuit cake

quick biscuit cake with fine creams, ideal for warmer days coming soon ... if you like desserts with biscuits, this is the right cake for you;)

Preparation steps

  • cream 1. caramel-pudding-preparation: 1l. milk pour into a bowl and put on fire, add sugar, vanilla sugar, and 5 caramel candies. in 500ml. milk whisk vanilla puddings, when the milk boils, pour the mixture with the pudding and whisk constantly stir and cook the cream over low heat, being careful not to get lumps, the cream must be compact and lubricating.
  • cream 2. chocolate caramel ganache cream preparation: pour sweet cream into a bowl and put 5 caramel candies, when it boils, add the broken chocolate and stir constantly with a whisk, when the caramel candies and chocolate melt, the cream is ready. top the biscuits with warm creams!
  • cream 3. beat the sweet cream with the addition of kremfix in solid snow and leave in the fridge until use
  • forming a cake, cover the deeper cake pan (40x40cm) with aluminum foil and arrange the first row of biscuits (there should be 20 of them in each layer)
  • fill complex biscuits with caramel pudding cream, you do not need to soak them in milk, because it is done with warm creams, which will immediately soak the biscuits.
  • on a caramel pudding cream arrange a row of biscuits and pour over with chocolate caramel ganache cream (it must be in two layers, between two layers of biscuits and caramel pudding cream.
  • for the final layer, decorate the whole cake with cold whipped sweet cream, grate the coarsely dark chocolate and leave in the fridge to cool well and squeeze, preferably overnight.
  • There are really a lot of cakes, if this is a big measure you can save it in half!


my advice- "variation on the theme of the same"



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