Rosa Cooking


Here is my 50th recipe. It is "jubilee", so it should be unusual "

Preparation steps

  • Wash your hair well and comb it with a wide comb.
  • Do not put on any conditioners, masks or the like.
  • Pour the contents of the henna bag into the scart dish
  • Add oil, moxa and someone else.
  • Pour the tea, then stir with a mixer for about 1 minute, to combine everything.
  • The tea must be almost hot.
  • I suck the mass, then wash my hair, just so it doesn't burn.
  • Apply by hand from the roots, similar to when painting.
  • Leave the ends for the end.
  • Roll into a bun, put a newspaper (to keep warm), then put a bag of nylon.
  • You import it all with a scarf, to hold for the next couple of hours.
  • I put it on in the evening, go to bed and wash my hair 2 times in the morning with shampoo.
  • Be sure to put on a regenerative mask.
  • When new hair grows, the transition is not as abrupt as when dyeing.
  • It is not necessary to keep it that long, but the longer the better the effect.


It is good and healthy, although a long process. There is also an opponent of this way of painting.



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