Rosa Cooking

Cannelloni Rosanella

I found this recipe eight years ago in Dr.Oetker pasta, rearranged it a bit and a quick lunch is here

Preparation steps

  • Soak the bread in water, then squeeze and mix with the minced meat,
  • add a little salt, pepper, oregano and vegeta.
  • We fill raw cannelloni with this stuffing, I do it with my fingers
  • Arrange the stuffed cannelloni next to each other in a protvan or refractory
  • a bowl we spread with margarine.
  • Arrange the cheese on the cannelloni and pour over the sauce (dilute the cream with the milk and
  • put vegeta, salt, pepper and basil in it). The sauce should reach the edge
  • cannellona.
  • Bake the cannelloni in a preheated oven for about 25 minutes at 180 degrees.


Combine meat and spices as desired.