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"Canapes" - tomato, prosciutto, mozzarella

Healthy, simple and delicious cold appetizer :)

Preparation steps

  • Wash the tomatoes and dry them with kitchen towels, then chop them into slices of equal size.
  • Dry the mozzarella with kitchen towels as much as possible and chop it into slices about the same size as the tomato.
  • Chop the prosciutto (if you are buying it, it is usually enough to halve one piece) and fold it until it is approximately the same size as the previous ingredients.
  • Place the tomato in a plate and put mozzarella on it, then put a pinch of basil on the mozzarella and add the prosciutto and pierce everything with a toothpick (I advise through the hard part-peel-tomatoes because it is otherwise harder to eat).


Depending on your wishes or occasion, the dish can be served with French bread or toasted bread and crackers. The dish is best served chilled in the refrigerator. I recommend serving the dish topped with a little pumpkin oil although this is not necessary. Pumpkin seed oil can also replace a little olive oil.


appetizers canapes healthy food prosciutto simply tomato

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