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Cake Queen Mary

They say that the Serbian queen Marija made this cake every year on the day of her birthday, and then she distributed it to the poor, especially to orphans. Whether that’s true or not, I really don’t know, but I know the cake is beautiful. Light, easy to make, and a beautiful taste of roasted hazelnuts and grilled. I think this is my "jubilee" 40th recipe :)

Preparation steps

  • Whisk 4 egg whites with 4 tablespoons of sugar, add one tablespoon of flour and 70 grams of ground walnuts. Bake three crusts. Whisk 12 egg yolks with 300 grams of sugar, add 3 vanilla sugar, 6 tablespoons of flour and a little milk, from those half liters that we have prepared to dilute the mixture. The remaining milk is put on the hob, and when it boils, the yolk mixture succeeds. When it thickens, remove from the heat, stir a little with a mixer and leave to cool. Whip one margarine (250 g) separately and add the cooled yellow filling. Melt 200 g of sugar on the fire, and when it is completely melted, pour it into an oiled pan. Wait for it to cool, then beat that grill in the oven. 150 grams of toasted hazelnuts are also beaten in the oven. Then whisk 300 g of whipped cream with 3 or 4 cups of milk, then mix in the whipped grill and hazelnuts. It is filled by putting the crust, yellow filling, then the filling with hazelnuts and grilling, so it is done with the second and third peel. The cake is spread around with whipped cream, and the top is filled with whipped cream with hazelnuts and grill. If you don't like it that way, you can sprinkle crushed hazelnuts or grated chocolate on top or simply coat with whipped cream. The grill starts to relax and melt on the second day, don't let it bother you, because it doesn't bother the beautiful taste of the cake.


cake glory najtorte

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