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..... Cake "MY CAT'S EYES!

......... I know that there are many recipes for cat's eyes, but I have been making this beautiful cake like this for years: I don't need a scale or a recipe because I do it all by eye ...... ... ... juicy, beautiful but it has one flaw, how to make it quickly disappears even faster! .............. so if you are interested try it my way!

Preparation steps

  • ....... Beat egg yolks with sugar, vanilla into a thick mixture with the addition of water and oil ... .... Beat egg whites with a crumb of sugar into a solid snow! Make a biscuit, combine the egg yolks with a light addition of sifted flour and cocoa powder, then lightly mix in the beaten egg whites and baking powder!
  • ... Bake in a large square pan on baking paper in a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes at 170 "c. ... Check with a toothpick! .......... Transfer the baked warm biscuit to a cloth sprinkled with flour and on both sides (longer) roll warm! ... Cool!
  • In the meantime, cook the usual pudding with the addition of density ... ... Stir every now and then while it cools ...
  • .... Whip the vegetable fat whipped cream ... ... add half of the whipped cream to the cooled pudding and mix to get a uniform cream !!
  • unwrap the cooled biscuit, soak it in orange juice - coat with jam and coat with cream! ... On each side of the cream, add bananas drizzled with lemon juice! ... Roll like in the picture! ... Coat with remaining whipped cream! ,,, Now make one paper bag and decorate it with melted chocolate of your choice! ............. Cool to absorb all the ingredients and cut !!!


............. Serve and enjoy!



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