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Cake decorations, marzipan, bambi

This is a recipe for decorating as in the picture. Instead of fondant and marzipan, you can use various other mixtures for cake dressing and modeling.

Preparation steps

  • For gummy "glue", heat a little gummy with water to get a thick sticky liquid. I think it can be similar from any sugar mass, and its purpose is to join parts of decorations that have already dried.
  • The cake (there is a dummy cake in the picture, it can be any, but it is important that the room temperature when it is coated with sugar-based masses) is coated with yellow fondant, or once thicker or twice as thin. Roll out the green fondant into two thin cylinders, then weave a braid and thus cover the lower edge of the cake.
  • Thinly roll out the green gum, cut the leaves and draw their veins. Glue the leaves to the cake using gummy "glue", then glue the candied violets, and then wipe the stems with a brush, like this and put the base for the figurine on top.
  • For the base, roll out and cut the green fondant into the desired shape, put it on the cake and coat the upper surface with gummy glue. Squeeze a little green fondant through a tea strainer, separate the "grass" with a knife and transfer piece by piece (not leaf by leaf but larger pieces) to the base of the figurine.
  • For mom doe, shape the body with marzipan and then the neck and head and connect, attach the ears to the head, like this If you need to insert a toothpick into the neck, it will depend on the marzipan you use and how fast it dries. For the ears, I usually fasten them by slightly indenting the head where the ears go and then pressing them in with a food stick, pressure from the inside where the cavity is. Then shape the legs and fasten them and stick a little black rubber band on the legs and press in the middle (maybe with the blunt side of the knife if you don't have modeling tools) to make it look like a hoof. Then apply powder paint, it goes best with a cheese square brush, for details around the head goes a little smaller brush. Then glue the black gummy nose, and transfer it to the cake, like this. Shape the bambi in the same way, just make it a shorter snout and bigger ears, like this. at least to me, if you can without pictures, I take off my hat).
  • Then apply the powder paint with a brush, glue the white gummy freckles and transfer to the cake. At the end of both, glue the eyes with white fondant, and paint the eyelids and eyes with powder paint, and draw the pupil, the edge of the eyelid and the lashes with a thin brush using liquid paint.
  • From another angle: 12


The picture is still of dummy cake, I just changed it, there is no one to eat real, my scot comes back in March, I have to bury it sweet, I dream at night what I will do :)


alek cake castor sugar decorations figurines

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