Rosa Cooking

Cake car by Suzy (ice wind)

The idea and work of Suzana Kranjčec :) .... Terrorists smeared the cake in an instant :) Ice wind in the shape of a car ... Audi ...: D Pictures of further culinary temptations, but expect Suzana Kranjčec very soon;)

Preparation steps

  • Beat 9 egg whites separately in the snow, gradually add 30 dag of sugar and finally a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Pour the mixture onto greaseproof paper in a large baking sheet. Dry at 150 degrees for 1 hour until it takes on a golden yellow color. Since three crusts are needed, repeat the procedure 3 times.
  • Whisk 27 egg yolks with 12 tablespoons of sugar and 12 tablespoons of flour. Boil 3 dcl of milk and add 4.5 dcl of milk to the mixture and mix well. Add 4 vanilla sugars. While still hot, add the margarine for the cream.
  • Make whipped cream. Half of the whipped cream should be spread to fill the crust. And paint half of the whipped cream blue.
  • Separate the crusts from the baking paper. Arrange the yellow cream on the crust, arrange the fruit and spread with whipped cream. Put the second peel, yellow cream, fruit and whipped cream and cover with the third meringue peel. In the middle of the third crust we make the bodywork. I put the purchased tiramisu cut into a rectangle. I improvised with wafers soaked in a damp cloth and made a roof. In the end, I coated everything with blue whipped cream. Jaffa biscuits are wheels. The lights and turn signals are cherries from the compote.