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Cabbage from Dunja-Quittengelee

Not only is it delicious as a bread spread, but also as a dessert. You mix half of plain yogurt, 3 tablespoons of quince jelly, one slice of diced tangerine and here is a wonderful dessert or we can say, fruit yogurt.

Preparation steps

  • Wipe the quinces with a cloth, remove the stalk, and cut everything else, along with the peel and seeds, into pieces. Put in a deeper bowl, add lemon juice, then add enough water to soak the quinces. Cook covered over low heat for about 45 minutes until quinces are softened.
  • Strain the softened quinces through gauze but do not squeeze, so that the juice is not cloudy. I leave for 1-2 hours to strain. Measure the juice you get and add the jelly sugar. You can add a little water if you don’t get enough juice. For example, if you get 880 ml of juice you can add water so you get 1l of juice. I take 2-1 jelly sugar. Means per 2 liters of juice 1 kg of jelly sugar, per 1 liter of juice 500 grams. I tried it with 1-1 jelly sugar, so my jelly was too firm, it couldn't be spread on bread.
  • Add 1 vanilla sugar and a little cinnamon (or a few drops of rum) all mix well and bring to a boil. When it boils, stir and cook for another 10 minutes. When cooking, foam is created which you have to remove with a spoon. Remove from the heat and immediately pour into jars, which you have heated in the oven. Close and turn the jars upside down (lid) and leave for 5 minutes, then turn them over again. Store them in a cool, dry place (basement).


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