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Butter (cow butter or ghee)

They say that for liver regeneration it is necessary to ingest at least 2 kg of quality fat per month. Butter, olive oil, coconut oil and linseed oil are suitable for the highest quality fats. Butter is a product that is very easily made from butter or butter (young butter in other words). Some of the most impressive benefits of butter (old butter), or as the world chefs call it ghee, to distinguish it from other products, is that it has a fantastic ability to protect the gut, to balance cholesterol levels, as strange as it may sound to some, to give you energy when you are tired, to defend the body from "inflammation" of any inflammation in the joints, to fight some allergies, to protect our body from any chronic diseases, improve overall health, including vision, immune system, and even protect us from certain type of cancer. The market full of unhealthy fats has distracted us from the natural products that our ancestors used and have always been healthy. Butter does not need a refri

Preparation steps

  • I’ve always looked forward to when mom melts butter or butter and makes butter. The kitchen would smell of butter and cornmeal on a large scale, and entice to see what was going on in the kitchen.
  • Although I haven't seen this in others, my mom would add a little cornflour to the butter when melting the butter, to soak up that excess liquid from the butter and make it easier to clear it of the milk left in the butter. Afterwards, they would eat that corn flour, so soaked in butter, it is very similar to cicvara, even if it is not one type of cicvara. If you ever decide to make it this way, be sure to strain the butter well, using thick muslin, of course when the butter has cooled completely.
  • So simply take a very high quality butter and put it to melt at a medium temperature. Stay close because he wants to boil. Foam for the first time and let it simmer. When the foam appears a second time and the oil is cleaned it is actually ready to use. I let it fry a little more, the remnants of the milk give the butter that specific fine aroma by frying for a long time. The process can be completed in less than 15 minutes.
  • Cool the butter well and strain it from the leftovers through a very thick muslin. Store in jars and store either at room temperature or in the refrigerator is your choice. If stored in the refrigerator it will be very hard. If you have melted, boiled and strained it properly there is no fear of it ever spoiling.
  • Cow’s butter and coconut oil are currently considered the healthiest fats. I use them equally in cooking, half and half, and my housemates are super happy. I remove coconut oil from some dishes because the dish is too sweet (eg beans), but butter is an obligation in everything I prepare.
  • Foods made with butter and coconut oil are far, far tastier, the smells and tastes are absolutely one level better than industrial oils, of any kind. While butter and coconut oil tolerate very high temperatures when it comes to frying, olive oil and linseed oil do not tolerate high temperatures, especially when food is fried, and it is a pure sin to use them for frying, because you destroy good olive and linseed oil.
  • Compared to butter, butter is much better. It first withstands high temperatures during frying so that it does not burn, and melting removes lactose and casein so that those who are lactose intolerant can freely use butter without fear of allergies.


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