Rosa Cooking

Buried or Viennese snicle

The best solution for unexpected guests ... :)

Preparation steps

  • Cut the steaks and salt them. If they are made of pork or beef, it is necessary to beat them well beforehand.
  • store in three different bowls flour, breadcrumbs and beat eggs with a little milk and salt.
  • Roll the steak by steak in the following order: 1. first dip it in eggs 2. then roll it in flour 3. again in eggs 4 and finally in breadcrumbs
  • After preheating the oil well, reduce the heat to a medium temperature so that the steaks do not burn on the outside and remain alive inside. Then lower them into the hot oil and turn. As for the chicken and turkey, it does not take longer than 5 minutes on one side.


Most often I make mashed potatoes or fried potatoes. All types of salads are a good combination with this dish. Pleasant!