Rosa Cooking

Burek with vegetables, tuna, and Chinese mushrooms

I think we all love burek, so any combination is welcome, although the original ones are still the law, which does not mean that the latter in a combination of fish or chicken are less tasty ,,,

Preparation steps

  • Dip dried mushrooms in lukewarm water to swell, or chop oyster mushrooms into noodles, clean all vegetables and grate carrots, also cut cabbage into noodles, leeks into thin rings and paprika into noodles. you must also chop when they swell ,,,, or grind them on a meat grinder,) ,, and season with spices to your taste, after 7-8 minutes remove from the heat and pour into a tin to cool as soon as possible in the chilled add tuna, mix everything well, if necessary season and sprinkle with chopped parsley, then take the crust for the strudel and grease the pan and put the crust on it and then put half of the oil around the children milk, spray the crust with this mixture, then put another sprinkle it a little, and then a little when you put the third crust, put half of the prepared stuffing, then repeat the process with the crust after the third crust arrange the second part of the stuffing, do not make the stuffing too thick layer, then take a little mineral water and mix in milk and oil and then sprinkle the whole burek then repeat the process with three crusts, coat the last nicely with oil and milk, it is even better if you have sour cream or cooking cream, put it all nicely in preheated oven at 220 ° C and bake until everything is nicely browned and that's it ,,,


I note that for easier cutting, you cut the burek while it is still raw, it bakes better and is tastier because you pour more milk, oil and a little mineral water on the burek and it absorbs everything nicely ,,,, good taste ,,, ,,



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