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Sterani burek and sirnica

I got up this morning and I know what to have for lunch today. And come to mind asking, nyamm, nyammm. Since some people like burek and others like cheesecake, so I decided to make both. Eh don't tell me now we have enough pies, there are a lot of them, but each one is for itself. Is it ????

Stretched banik

It's always easy for me to prepare, it's easy for me to eat it, we all love it, it's sweeter than the burek we buy ,,,,,

Strukli from Zagorje with VIDEO

in the performance of Lika… I studied and made for a long time two years ago..after that I often make them (I use the ends and one part for štruklji soup

Student burek

fast fine and cheap :)

"Su böreği" on the pan

Translated "Water burek". Crispy on the outside and irresistibly soft on the inside ... the famous Turkish pie that Turks often eat for breakfast. This version is on the pan ...

SU BOREGI - Turkish burek with cheese, parsley and mineral water

Here's another burek you must try! I discovered it quite by accident while looking for interesting recipes of Turkish cuisine. The taste and texture of burek is a fantasy thanks to the sparkling water in which it is baked! Burek is soft as a cake, the texture reminds me of our cooked Zagorje strudels.

Surprise buckets / pumpkin burekčići

I have been trying to get used to the taste of pumpkin for some time. Very fine buckets filled with pumpkin, feta cheese and thyme. A winning combination for a quick non-fat, crunchy lunch full of flavors and aromas. Serve with a fine mixed salad.

Tart with bacon, cheese and leek

When we were on a cruise and touring 1000 islands for an appetizer we got a very fine tart, with a beautiful taste, I wanted to make something similar.

Teacup burek

Quick and easy recipe, for a fine burek from a cup :)

Teasing burek with cheese

I know that in Bosnia they do not recognize burek with cheese, but only with meat, and everything with cheese is pies and cheesecakes ... but in our country the name "Burek with cheese" has taken root, so I dared to call it that. The recipe is from another portal ...

Tepsi Böreği

Turkish pide burek, bread burek stuffed with cheese. Enjoy this wonderful dish from the Karaman region.

The best burek !!!

Ever since my dear aunt Marija sent me this recipe, I always make this delicious burek, which is not as greasy as the one I bought, and the filling can be as desired. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, my aunt!

The best burek with cheese!

I called it the best because everyone who tried it told me they had never eaten a better burek. Try it and decide for yourself!

THE BEST GIBANICA, which is the easiest to make!

Maybe someone else makes gibanica this way, but believe me this is my way. It's so easy to make, and it always works.

The best of the best - bark for bureks, strudels, trigons ...

I dedicate this recipe to my dear cool friend anka-1955. I want to thank you, dear Anka, for every comment, your kindness, correctness, and for always being there, with me.

THE Burek

The name was given by my musician-puzic, he loves this burek. :)