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A complex of potatoes and beans with a pesto of herbs and tofu

A complex of potatoes and beans with a pesto of herbs and tofu

A little spring energy on a plate, with taccole (green beans) and new potatoes, combined all with fragrant pesto with the addition of tofu.

An idea for pods

Nothing very wise - just a whit different and more colorful idea for a vegetarian meal. Choose your favorite spices yourself!

Baked green beans with sour cream

I made this yesterday with those angry breaded wings… it can be used as a special meal, and it can also be used as a side dish to meat, who likes it :)

Bean salad the French way

Definitely try it if you haven’t yet, the beans go really well with good olive oil, fried pine nuts and tuna.

Bean Salad with French Mustard

I recently tried this salad outside and fell in love with its taste, it is simple and quite tasty.

Beans in cream

I know that there are a lot of recipes like this, but in this way I didn't find any, .. So please, if there is already one, don't mind me ...

Beans in sauce

with various roasts, steaks ..

Bean stew

Simply a light and tasty stew .. with a flower-sprout that is the point on i .. (heehej, thank you my girls, I had to record that too ..- :))

Burania with almonds and lemon

Without exaggeration, a buranija prepared this way is a dream come true.

Burania with potatoes

My mom and my mother-in-law cook burani in two different ways. I, of course, love the way my mom cooks, and my husband loves the way my mother-in-law cooks. So that the burani would not be thrown out of the home menu, I combined their recipes and got a successful version that both my husband and I love.


There are really a lot of recipes for preparing buranija, but ewo and my versions ..

Buranija in a rural way

in my house one of my favorite dishes, without meat, diet, of course, whoever likes can eat meat!

Buranija with meat according to my mother's wishes :)

Here's my mom made for lunch and I'm waiting for her ... And with the buranija and homemade quick bread by Neumorna ... Sour cream on the buranija and great :)

Green beans with parmesan

Ministry of Food Jamie simple, and so fine ...

Ribs in mustard and buranija

Great and very tasty combination…

Shaggy green sticks

When you don't have enough for something concrete, but just a little bit of everything, then you resort to these solutions: to fit and connect it "from little by little" in the best way into a tasty and complete dish ...