Rosa Cooking

Buns from forgiveness :)

beautifully crispy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside..with a little sour cream with garlic, or with fresh cheese at least a perfect dinner for me :) of course not very perfect because I don't even want to try to count calories, but you should be a little wrong;)

Preparation steps

  • In the flour add all the dry ingredients, egg yolk and add warm milk in the amount to get a soft dough that sticks a little. Knead and leave in a bowl on warm to double the volume. I prefer lard because it can withstand higher frying temperatures. From this amount of dough, you get seven huge buns the size of a large shallow plate.


suits me with sour cream with garlic, with cottage cheese or a combination of both..or sometimes with jam for breakfast..just a little salted without anything..they are good for me :)