Rosa Cooking

Buns / cakes / rolls / donuts / pecipale

Breakfast in the Balkan way. They are prepared from bread / bread dough. They are called differently in different parts of the ex-yu: buns, cakes, rolls, donuts, pecipale .... They are ideal for breakfast, a dish for 6 - 8 people / 8 cake!

Preparation steps

  • - they are ideal for breakfast, - melt the yeast with water - add salt only when the yeast melts - knead the dough - leave the dough to rise at room temperature - develop cakes on an oiled surface - fry in hot oil, serve hot with all spreads, cheese or other goodies just want to see the entire preparation with a video click on


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“The All-American Apple Cake,” a favorite of Americans ’juicy apple pie, is rich in spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, easy to prepare, and quite filling.

Cakes with greaves

Cakes with greaves

Every year, at the time of slaughter, in addition to sausages and other meat specialties, greaves also become popular. Cracker cakes are a specialty of the pub, and crackling dishes are also typical for Ukrainian cuisine. Cakes with greaves.

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Homemade bread

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Italian cream cheese

Cream cakes are at the top of the cake popularity scale both at home and in pastry shops. Cities from Samobor, Zagreb or Bled to Paris took them with their trademark.

Jelačić plates

Jelačić plates

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Katarina plates

Katarina plates

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Potato donuts with ham

Imaginative "donut combinations" never end, yupii! Let’s say for each day of the week one species. And when you get tired or tired of preparing, have another family member replace you.