Rosa Cooking

Buns / cakes from the pan

With just a few ingredients that you already have in your home to excellent buns. This recipe is accompanied by a video on how to prepare it.

Preparation steps

  • - Melt the raw yeast with water - add salt and oil - knead the dough - grease the dough a little with the rest of the oil - leave the dough at room temperature to rise - then knead the dough again - divide the dough into 8 equal parts - knead the dough of each bun separately - cover and leave for the next 20 min. to grow- develop each bun in a small oven in a well-heated and slightly greased pan- turn the bun over every 30 seconds- when the buns heat up enough and at the same time it is a signal that they are baked- I hope you will like the successful preparation I wish you the path of the bun I served; with siriluk salta and fried eggplantWatch the entire preparation process with Video by clicking on



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You ordered buns with fenugreek at the restaurant - don't return the dish just because there is no meat in it. You already understand, buns with fenugreek are something completely different from buns with burgers and worth giving them a chance.

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Kebab in a bun

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The specialty of oriental cuisine, kebabs, are the most delicious if you bake them on the grill, but even a simple pan can help you with that. Of course, serve on a bun and with tomato or yogurt sauce.

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To friends - only the best! Even if it's "just" a sandwich, they won't mind if you put together such a sumptuous copy. Since dolphins are also our friends, choose tuna labeled "dolphin-safe".