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Buns - berries

Make them and see for yourself how good they are. They are airy and soft as cotton. I think that potatoes are responsible for their sweetness, wonderful taste and softness that remains the second day.

Preparation steps

  • Put the yeast to make up with warm water, sugar and a spoonful of flour. Pre-cooked potatoes are mashed as for mashed potatoes, and while they are warm, add them to the yeast.
  • Add oil, salt and knead a soft dough while adding flour.
  • Cover the dough with pate and leave it to rise in the heat.
  • Transfer the dough to the work surface and divide it into 16 parts.
  • Let's make noodles from each part. So we make 16 noodles of the same size. Coat the noodles with a little oil.
  • Beat one egg with a little oil and coat the noodles and sprinkle with sesame seeds. We cut each noodle with scissors on three sides, / as in the picture /.
  • Leave the bun-berries prepared in this way on a baking sheet with parchment paper to finish.
  • Put the baked buns-berries to bake.
  • Bake the bun-berries at 200 degrees until they turn brown.
  • Serve them as you wish.


Bun-berries, the perfect pastry, you can eat them with anything you like. You can make good sandwiches with what you like best. Pleasant ...


bagel buns

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