Rosa Cooking


Very soft and easy and quick to make!

Preparation steps

  • Put yeast in 1 dl of milk to rise.
  • Meanwhile, put sour water, the rest of the milk, salt and egg in another bowl to knead. Add the risen yeast and knead a smooth dough with the flour. Let rise in the heat for about half an hour.
  • When it is raised, form a loaf (roller) and cut about 1-2 cm thick slices. Shape the cakes with your hands and put them in hot oil. Place the baked buns on a paper towel to squeeze out the excess fat and serve with kebabs or something else as desired.


buns langusi

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The light and spongy texture of the rounded brioches goes best with hot drinks and sweet spreads. The word brioche itself comes from the Old French broyer which means to knead. So roll up your sleeves!

Milk pastries

Milk pastries

Sympathetic yellow buns made of milk dough spread an irresistibly attractive aroma even during preparation. Fresh cheese spread with dill, fine butter with homemade jam or marmalade will be the perfect partners to this delicious pastry.

Pizza with zucchini

The filling of tender zucchini, edam and fresh cheese classifies this pizza as a light and juicy dish, and many vegetarians would like it on the pizzeria menu. In the meantime, be sure to try to prepare it at home, it's not hard!

Potato crisps

Potato crisps

Hrustavci is an excellent side dish to meat dishes, and for smaller meals it will go well with a seasonal salad. Add herbs, finely chopped bacon or almonds to change their taste.

Pumpkin muffins

If you are preparing a Halloween party with eerie enthusiasm, let the muffins take over your mind and body. Hypnotize guests with the sweet aroma of cakes, stun them with the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin and evoke the spirit of hilarious partying.


And this is one of Cato's recipes from the famous work - De Agricultura. If you want to distinguish this sweet cake from Libum, make it with or without four notches. His recommendation is to bake Savillum in a ceramic dish with a lid. We can only wish you in the end - good luck!

Stuffed French

Stuffed French

If you've looked at "The Return of the Pink Panther" at least once, you must have remembered the image of the coiled Inspector Clouseau with the "Frenchman" under his arm. Stuff the oblong, thin bread with the mixture as for a chopped steak and put it in the foreground.

The hairy tarantulas of the evil wizard

In fairy tales, they like to caress the wizard's shoulder the most and look indecently at wizard books. We have prepared its status symbol in the form of scary pastries covered with poppy seeds or sesame seeds.