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Bunny cake

Favorite cake for my little niece who says, "ajoj pepa"

Preparation steps

  • whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, add the yoghurt, then add the flour mixed with the baking powder, finally add the milk and the whipped egg whites. Divide the mixture into two parts, add lemon zest and vanilla sugar to one half, and put greaseproof paper in the other half of the cocoa pan, pour the dark mixture on half of the pan and light on the other half (so we don't have to bake 2 biscuits separately). Put the oven in a preheated oven. When the biscuit is baked, cut it into two equal circles, leave one whole, and cut one so that our ears and bow fall out (shown in the picture). at the end we cut more biscuits in half for filling.
  • put to boil water, sugar, vanilla sugar and rum let it boil a little until we get a syrup. Soak the biscuits a little with this syrup to make them more juicy.
  • Beat the sweet cream into the whipped cream, mix the melted gelatin with the yoghurt and pour it all into the whipped cream and work well, add powdered sugar as desired (depending on how sweet we want the cream to be). Separate a little less than half of the mixture to which we will add chopped peaches from the compote into cubes (only half of the compote will suffice). We will fill the white biscuit with this cream
  • Place the drained cherries from the compote on the dark biscuit. Prepare a pudding of 7 children's cherry compote juice (in case you don't have that much, add a little water), 2 puddings and 5 tablespoons of sugar. Then pour the pudding over the cherries. Spread whipped cream and yoghurt cream on the cooled pudding and cover with the other half of the biscuit.
  • The biscuits should be filled to approximately the same height, we have to put them on a tray and arrange the shape of our bunny, we spread them nicely with whipped cream and yoghurt.
  • then we decorate the bunny as desired, add color to the cream of yogurt and whipped cream that we previously made that we want, a few colorful candies, sugar beads, etc. I will attach pictures of some of my works. A little advice is not to put colorful onbones and beads on the day before because they will melt and lose color ..;)


Leave the cake to shrink overnight and enjoy the next day ... It can be prepared in other variants, this is just one example ..;)



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