Rosa Cooking

Bunny Cake

I made this cake for Easter, many people teased me "you make a rabbit, you sense that you didn't catch it" .. I didn't know then but I was already pregnant..Today is my due date but no changes yet..I hope you like it cake..

Preparation steps

  • whisk the ingredients for the crust and bake 2 crusts in a round mold..leave to cool..When cooled, cut out the rabbit shapes ..
  • cook the pudding with sugar and leave to cool. When it has cooled, whisk with the margarine.
  • Now that you have cut the rabbit shape out of the crust, put them on a tray, coat with half of the vanilla cream, cut the bananas in half and arrange over the cream, then press them into the cream. Cut the rolls into slices and arrange them on top, spread with the rest of the cream. .a little fat and decorate with ice cream and candies..Leave in the fridge to harden ..