Rosa Cooking

Bunny bread bowl

Too good an idea for kids, and as an idea for Easter

Preparation steps

  • Cut off 1/4 of the bottom of the smaller pastry. On a larger pastry, cut off the middle and hollow out so that a bowl is made. From the "lid", ie the cut part from the smaller pastry, make ears. I cut off one ear with scissors and leaned it and cut the other on it, so that they would be similar. Attach the ears with toothpicks, and in the same way the head to the body. As for the nose and eyes for the bunny, you can be really creative there, you can even use candy. I used boiled black shirt for my eyes, and I cut a tomato for my nose.


If you want, instead of pouring the soup directly into the bread, you can put a bowl inside so that you are 100% sure that it will not miss :)



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