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Bunny and eggs

ZEKO-I didn't have the opportunity to make this decorative dessert because I didn't have a suitable mold. The recipe is on the box, but different from this one. .This prevailed ... a light and fragrant biscuit.The quantity was written for a half-liter mold. EGGS ... they are another sweet story. Something a bunny has to keep.

Preparation steps

  • This is the amount for a 1/2 l mold. In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar and baking powder. Add lemon zest, mineral water and oil. Stir, then add the egg and combine everything. ## Grease the mold well, lightly flour (wipe the outer edge with a napkin if it came out of the edge when greasing). Close the mold with clips. Light the oven at 170-180 c. Before placing the oven, do not overheat the oven. ## Pour the dough into the mold and place it on a baking tray that goes into the lower racks (if you have 5, then the 2nd from the bottom). Let it bake for about 35 minutes. When you take the mold out, let the dough stand in it for about 5 minutes. then line the mold with a wet cloth to make the mold sag better than the biscuit. Carefully take the biscuit out and leave to cool. ## Decorate it with powdered sugar, and for additional coloring in 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar put a little hot water and a few drops of lemon. Let the mass be semi-liquid, if necessary add powdered sugar if you overdo it with liquid. Let the eyes be white, and for eggs put the color of your choice.If you want beads, put them on immediately before the icing dries.For the ears melt a cube-two of cooking chocolate.
  • MARZIPAN EGGS You can make marzipan, like me, according to this recipe. Finely chop the apricots as well as the almonds. Add the marzipan. If necessary, add a little powdered sugar (do not put it if the marzipan is sweet enough, this step usually goes into the purchased marzipan). Knead well and shape the eggs. Let them air dry a bit. and then decorate them as desired. Separately melt the broken chocolates in steam and pour over the eggs. You can decorate them only with dark chocolate on which you can again sprinkle chopped pistachios, coconut, beads, chocolate crumbs ... whatever and how you want. I got about 12 eggs. You can make smaller ones.



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