Rosa Cooking

Bun on the counter

When there is no fresh bread, and there is good cheese and cream ... Then buns are made on the plate, as they say here with me. The most beautiful, the easiest, instantly ready and instantly eaten in sweetness. If you haven't already, risk a little charcoal on the hob and make them when you have respectable cheese or cream. You can now put whatever you can think of in them..But just cheese, or just cream and those .... That's the top combination! If you have a stove with a flat plate, give up. But make up for it somewhere where an ordinary stove is available to you, or even a Smederevo one. Because that's the real thing !!!

Preparation steps

  • Mix the flour with salt and baking soda, add a little water and mix with a food processor until you get a medium soft dough. If necessary, add a little more flour, make a ball of dough and leave it for a minute or two to rest.
  • Turn on the hob - the hob at two, means at medium temperature. While the hob is heating, make a dozen balls out of the mass and roll them thinner with a rolling pin.
  • Place one bun at a time on the heated hob, stretch them a little more with your hands, bake for ten seconds, immediately turn the oven with a fork for a few more seconds and place on a cloth, so that you add each new bun there and cover it again with a cloth.
  • Do not allow the buns to cool, immediately put cream or cheese on them, or like both of us, and eat immediately. Divine, and it couldn't be simpler !!!