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Bun on dry

Delicious, fast, it can also be put in a bag and eaten on vacation or instead of bread. Spread with jam, honey or sour cream, arrange a sandwich or roll like a pancake… ..... Isn't all this a reason enough to get down to business!

Preparation steps

  • Bun
  • boil water remove from heat add 1/4 flour and mix quickly to mix all lumps add salt, a tablespoon of butter and egg all together well and gradually mix the remaining flour so that you get a soft dough (you may not use all or need a little more depending on the quality and type of flour) divide the dough into 8 - 12 equal pieces, form balls and leave to stand for 10 odd minutes, then roll each ball into a circle 1-2 mm thick (the thinner the better) coat each sheet with melted butter and roll like a pancake, roll each roll into a snail shape,
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  • then roll out each snail again to a thickness of 1-2 mm or adjust the diameter of the pan in which the oven will be baked over medium heat on both sides on a completely dry pan
  • Stuffing a): cut the bacon into thin slices and fry until the bacon is golden and fry the onion sliced ​​into rings or ribs on the remaining fat until it is slightly yellow, remove from the heat, drain the fat, mix the bacon, sprinkle with paprika and coarsely ground cumin, eat spread. bun with added lettuce leaves
  • Stuffing b): cottage cheese and cream sprinkled with hot pepper
  • Stuffing c): scrambled eggs of 8 eggs with asparagus, onion, cheese, mushrooms, .... and countless other sweet, fruity, salty, meaty or stuffing of fresh vegetables and their combinations


it heats up perfectly on a pan or in a microwave oven so that a multi-day supply can be made, in which case the buns can be cooled well, wrapped in a kitchen towel and then sealed in a bag!


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